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Our Objectives

Aim and Objective:


  • To help the trust who establish, run and administor educational institute like nursery, schools, colleges.


  • To provide medical help to patient and provide all facilities related to this and to help the trust who have same objective.


  • Arranging medical camp and providing help who are arranging the camp. Helping needy by providing free drugs to them.


  • Providing help to physically and mentally handicapped people to improve their condition and provide education and providing employment opportunity.


  • Providing help to intelligent and poor student for buying studying materials and provide scholarship and prize to them.


  • Establishing and running libraries, meeting halls, mess halls and Innards.


  • Establishing Tapovan and Gurukul like institute and helping the trust who are running this institutes.


  • Women empowerment by free education and employment programs.


  • Giving technical guidelines to boys and girls for employment.


  • Providing drinking water and sanitation.


  • Providing help to the trust who give treatments to injured birds and animals.


  • Establishing and running old age homes.


  • Establishing gardens and playground for children and maintain them.


  • Provide help during natural calamities by giving free shelters, food and medical camps.


  • Publishing different books and daily newspapers to enrich knowledge of people.


  • Appreciate scientists, pilots and soldiers.


  • Establishing camps and shelter shade for pilgrims.


  • Providing free foods, clothes, medical help and milk powder and arrange camps to backward class and tribal.

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